Spanish Triathlon Runner Allows Competitor to Beat Him

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It's undeniably good sportsmanship -- a triathlon runner stopped running and let a competitor beat him --  but in the world of sports, is it too much?

British athlete James Teagle was oh-so-close to placing third in the 2020 Santander Triathlon in Spain. Thing is ... about 100 yards before reaching the finish line, Teagle became confused and ran the wrong way, toward the cheering crowd.

Enter Spanish triathlete Diego Mentrida, who had been behind Teagle for much of the race.  Mentrida passed Teagle, but before reaching the finish line, he suddenly stopped and let Teagle -- who regained his bearings -- pass him to place third.

After the race, Mentrida said, "He deserved it. This is something my parents and my club taught me since I was a child. My view is it should be a normal thing to do."

The winner of the race, Javier Gomez Noya, called Mentrida's move "the best in history."

The organizers of the race decided to give Mentrida an honorary third place and he ended up getting 3rd place prize money -- $355.

Good guys honorarily finish 3rd.

Eddie Murphy Wins First Emmy for 'SNL' Hosting Gig

Eddie Murphy made it clear Saturday night ... some things are just worth waiting for.

Eddie scored his first Emmy ever -- yep, hard to believe, but true. This time around he was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

t's pretty remarkable ... his 'SNL' appearance was the first time in 35 years since he hosted. You'll recall, he reprieved some of his classic characters, including Buckwheat, Mister Robinson and Gumby.

Eddie was super grateful, thanking the Academy for the honor and giving a special shout-out to Lorne Michaels. He was gracious, thanking the cast, writers and crew.

Here's the good news ... Eddie said he's going to get back on stage to do more comedy. He says he planned to do it before the pandemic, and once he gets the all-clear he's going before live audiences.

Turns out it was a special occasion ... Saturday marked 36 years to the day Eddie appeared on 'SNL.'


RBG Massive SCOTUS Memorial ... Elizabeth Warren, 'I Will Fight!!!'

The United States Supreme Court is temporarily the backdrop for a stunning memorial to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Flowers, American flags and messages of condolence filled the area around the Courthouse steps as a steady stream of people came to pay their respects. Some folks wept as other sat silently or prayed.

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke Saturday night on High Court steps, leading the crowd in a chant honoring RBG ... "I will fight!"

That fight is quickly becoming the centerpiece of the 2020 election. Trump says he will nominate someone -- he says probably a woman -- sometime this coming week. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already vowed to ramrod it through the Senate, much to the outrage of Democrats and some Republicans. As you know, McConnell and co. blocked President Obama's nomination 11 months before his term ended, saying it was appropriate to wait for the next President. One thing's clear ... politics reigns over consistency.

If Trump gets his nominee confirmed, the Court would tilt right by a 6-3 margin, affecting everything from abortion to immigration, from health care to all issues of equality.

Some Dems have already vowed to increase the number of justices if Trump gets his way.

John Marshall Jones 'Bosch' Star Puts Out Fire, Nabs Arson Suspect ... All While in His Undies!!!


Cops are calling John Marshall Jones a hero ... not only for rushing out of his house in his underwear to douse a fire, but for chasing down the alleged arsonist behind the blaze.

John, who played special agent Jay Griffin on the Amazon hit "Bosch," tells TMZ ... he was watching TV early Tuesday morning when he looked out the window to see his neighbor's car, front porch and front door on fire.

The veteran actor says he instantly reacted -- bypassing any pants -- and ran out to grab a garden hose to put out the flames. While he was out there, John says a man wearing a ski mask and heavy jacket ran up to the porch and tried to grab something before fleeing.

Once again, Johnny-on-the-spot bolted after the mysterious guy ... who he says reached for a baseball bat. John -- who goes 6'3" and 240 lbs. -- says he wrestled him to the ground, though, and held him until cops arrived.

Law enforcement sources confirmed much of John's account about the 6 AM blaze and his chase of the suspect. We're told John's neighbors were able to escape the burning home, including a teenager and the family dog.

Now, John's being hailed as a true hero for saving lives and nabbing the suspect. Cops claim the guy started the fire with gasoline ... they found a container in his car, and arrested him for arson with great bodily injury.

While you've probably seen John in action in plenty of movies or TV shows ... little did we know he was such a badass off the set?

Fetty Wap Bitter Divorce is Over


Fetty Wap's gonna have to figure out life in the single lane during a pandemic ... 'cause the rapper's officially divorced.

Fetty and Leandra Gonzalez agreed to a divorce settlement and the judge signed off on it on September 4 to make it official ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

The rapper and Leandra got married August 3, 2019 ... so their marriage survived a little over a year. They had no kids and the terms of their settlement are under wraps.

Leandra, who filed for divorce in March, alleged in legal docs Fetty was a booze-hound and abusive cheater. She claimed Fetty was physically abusive less than a month after getting married in Toronto. She also alleges Fetty cheated on her multiple times with several women ... including going on a trip to the Bahamas on New Year's Eve with another woman. Fetty denied all of the allegations.

Either way ... they can finally put their divorce drama behind them.

Sylvester Stallone Warns Roy Jones Jr. ... 'Mike Tyson Is A Wrecking Ball!!!'


Roy Jones Jr., listen up ... here's some sage boxing advice from Rocky himself -- DON'T GET HIT BY MIKE TYSON!!!!

TMZ Sports got Sylvester Stallone leaving Fia in Santa Monica this week ... and when we asked about RJJ's chances in his November exhibition with Iron Mike -- Sly didn't love them.

In fact, Stallone seemed straight-up concerned for Roy!!!

"Well, let's put it this way," Stallone said. "What do you think is going to work? A 22 against a 45???"

Sly added, "Roy Jones is a great, great fighter, but it's just a matter of physics."

Stallone says his advice for Roy when it comes to hanging with Mike in the ring is simple ... "Keep moving!"


"You're talking about, I mean -- everyone knows it. Mike Tyson is a wrecking ball."

The fight is scheduled for Nov. 28 ... and, if you're listening to Sly, that means there's still plenty of time for Roy to not go through with this!!

By the way, when it comes to the rumored Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight ... Stallone says he loves LP's guts -- but he clearly doesn't think that scrap should happen either.

Travis Barker '64 Coupe DeVille Hits Auction Block Need Room for the Rolls!!!

Travis Barker is parting ways with a beloved Cadillac -- one of the best ever built --  but fear not because his new ride is top of the line.

The Blink-182 drummer put his 1964 Cadillac Coupe DeVille on the auction block ... hoping to fetch $25,000 minimum. The folks over at Bring A Trailer are handling the auction that's set to end next week.

This is the same Caddy Travis drove back and forth while he was part of the rock supergroup The Transplants ... as it worked on its first album. He was also cruising in the car while working on Blink-182's self-titled album.

Travis has been down this road before. Earlier this year, he put a fleet of Cadillacs on the auction block. As you can see from Travis' massive tattoo on his rib cage ... he's a huge fan of Caddys. That particular tat took 12 hours to create. His other Cadillac tattoo is an emblem on his chest.

And, when he bought his pops a car it was a ... you guessed it ... a Cadillac.


Even though Travis is parting with a beaut, don't feel too bad for him. The rock star's already snagged a suped-up Rolls Royce Cullinan. It ain't cheap ... prices start at $330k, but a car aficionado like Travis tricked it out, so you know his Rolls is worth way more.

Oscar De La Hoya's Daughter Gunning To Blaze My Own Trail ... In Modeling Industry


Oscar De La Hoya's stunning 21-year-old daughter, Atiana, says she's out to make a name for herself outside of the boxing world ... telling TMZ Sports she's working to blaze her own trail as the next big model!!

Remember, looks run in the family -- Atiana's mom is former Miss USA Shanna Moakler ... and ODLH ain't too bad lookin' himself.

We spoke with Atiana about her own career ... and she says it's off to a hot start!!!

"It's going great!," ADLH tells us. "Kinda ready to branch out and start a whole new path, so we'll see where it goes. Got some exciting stuff I'm working on."

We asked if having a legendary boxer as her pops has any perks in the modeling industry ... and Atiana makes sure to point out she still has to be great in order to succeed.

"I always like to say it opens doors but it doesn't get you through them."

While she won't spill the beans on any of her current projects, one look at Atiana's Instagram shows she's already got huge brand deals with companies like Too Faced Cosmetics ... so she's off to a great start!!

Naturally ... we had to ask some questions about Oscar's big boxing comeback ... and Atiana is 100% confident her dad will open a can of Whoop Ass when he gets back in the ring.

"I think it's amazing! I'm so excited for him. Think it's gonna be great."

As for ODLH being 47 ... Atiana ain't worried one bit.

"Absolutely not! He's got this. I'm so confident in him. It's gonna be great!"

Guess Who These NFL Cute Kids Turned Into!

Before these little lads made it big time playing for the NFL, they were just youngsters focusing on growing up!

With football season back in full swing and on a lot of folks' minds, we're sticking to the program and bringing you some old school pics from the players themselves ... although it's up to you to tackle who is in the throwback shot!

Now is your chance to test your player knowledge and see if you can guess which NFL star is in the kid pic ... Just scroll through our gallery and play along!

Can you guess who they are?

TikTok Apparently Saved in 11th Hour ... Trump OKs Oracle Deal

Breaking News

TikTok users around the U.S. are probably sighing with relief, 'cause President Trump appears to now be cool with the social media app partnering up with Oracle and Walmart.

DT drastically changed his tune Saturday, telling reporters at the White House he'd given the deal his "blessing" while going on to sing Oracle and Walmart's praises as trustworthy partners in guarding Americans' data and privacy. Literally, a full, bizarre 180 here.

There were also some specifics ... like the fact the new, U.S., ran TikTok would likely be based out of Texas, and that a bunch of new jobs would result.

He went on to guarantee the American version of the app would NOT be in any way affiliated with China, and that security would be a top priority. Trump also said TikTok would be ponying up $5M in charity money toward education causes, and would pay a lot of taxes.

Just a day prior, Trump was promising TikTok, as well as WeChat, wouldn't be available to download come Sunday -- because he was unhappy with the initial terms Oracle and TikTok had come to last weekend.

TikTok had actually resorted to legal action to stop the de facto ban, but it would seem talks over the past 24 hours -- not to mention the inclusion of Walmart -- made the guy cozy up to the idea. So, in other words, banishment averted ... and influencers can carry on dancing.

TikTok itself appeared to confirm the news they weren't going anywhere, saying they were pleased that the deal had addressed Trump's national security concerns.

Ya gotta wonder what fundamentally changed in that sorta timespan -- remember, there were reports that the parent company, ByteDance, wasn't willing and/or allowed to give up its algorithm tech.

Oh, Baby!!! 6-Month-Old Gets His Feet Wet ... Goes Waterskiing in Utah!!!


Talk about being ahead of the curve ... this little guy is only halfway through his first year of life and already getting a taste of the water sports life, and handling it pretty freakin' well!

Meet Rich Humphreys, who's only 6 months old ... and apparently a waterskiing/wakeboarding prodigy. Check out this video that his parents posted of him holding his own on Lake Powell out in Utah. The kid's literally standing up and balancing himself as the boat pulls him.

His ma, Mindi, writes ... "Worlds youngest water skier!! #worldrecord 6 months 4 days old." Rich's pop, Casey, was just as stoked, saying ... " 6 months 4 days! Take one look at this kid and tell me he isn’t having the time of his life! Such a little stud! #worldrecord."

Indeed, he certainly looks like he's enjoying himself. What's unclear (and even crazier to think about) is if Rich can even walk yet!!! Obviously, the kid can get up on his own, but if he can water ski before he can even take his first steps ... he may be destined for this water life.

Speaking of which ... Mindi and Casey have made it quite clear that their boy is quite the outdoorsman. Rich has his own IG page, and he sure seems to dig roughin' it ... especially when H20 is involved.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Stay safe, little man. Can't wait to see ya in the Summer Olympics in the next couple decades.

Donald Trump Hints He'll Nominate a Woman ... To Replace RBG

3:10 PM PT -- President Trump says his Supreme Court nominee is very likely going to be a woman, and his "first place" consideration to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

DT made the announcement Saturday as he was departing the White House to a rally in North Carolina, telling reporters that he hasn't decided who exactly ... but did address rumors of certain names that have been floated as possible candidates.

There's Amy Coney Barrett -- a conservative federal appellate court judge -- as well as Barbara Lagoa, another appellate judge from Florida. Trump said he liked both, especially Lagoa. He says he'll likely make the announcement this upcoming week.

Donald Trump has thrown down the gauntlet -- less than a day after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- making it clear he will try and ramrod her replacement through the Senate ... which will almost certainly make abortion rights the centerpiece of the Presidential race.

Trump made his position clear Saturday on Twitter, saying, "We were put in this position of power and importance to make decisions for the people who so proudly elected us," adding the most important decision a President can make is nominating Supreme Court justices. He said, "We have this obligation, without delay!"

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear Friday night, he'll facilitate what Trump wants by making sure his nominee gets a vote by the full Senate ... a Senate currently controlled by Republicans.

This is objectively the most important vacancy in many, many decades. Trump vowed earlier this month to appoint an anti-abortion justice to the High Court. If he gets his way, it would be 6-3 against abortion rights. Even if conservatives lose a vote, they'd still have a majority, and many legal experts think that could spell the end of Roe vs. Wade.

Remember ... it was Mitch McConnell who denied an Obama nominee a Senate confirmation vote, because he said it was more appropriate for the next President to choose. Obama's nomination came 11 months before he left office. Trump's expected nominee would be sent to the Senate 4 months before he leaves office ... were he to lose. McConnell hasn't explained the obvious inconsistency, but it all boils down to politics.

Democrats are furious and are planning a full-court press to block any such nomination. As you know by now, RBG dictated a note days before she passed, saying her dying wish was that her replacement be selected by the person who wins the election. She made it clear in 2016, she was not a fan of Donald Trump.

Democrats are now talking about expanding the Court if Trump gets his nominee confirmed. They can do that, and the talk is expanding the court to as many as 15 justices.

As for the politics of it all ... coronavirus may not be the biggest issue on the ballot anymore. That's a boost from Trump, whom the majority of Americans think royally screwed up and actually did damage in his pandemic response.

And, the RBG vacancy will almost certainly become the overriding issue in many of the Senate races. The Democrats believe they have a shot at taking over the Senate, but everything must now be recalculated if abortion becomes the litmus test for voters. McConnell and Lindsey Graham are in tight races, and now it could all boil down to a referendum on abortion.

The open question ... if the nomination is not confirmed by election day, who's more motivated to vote -- the pro-choice voters, or the anti-abortion voters? That could be the deciding factor in who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on January 20, and which party controls the Senate.

Originally Published -- 8:27 AM PT

'90 Day Fiance' Larissa Lima Cut Loose by ICE ... Now Colorado-Bound

Exclusive Details

1:55 PM PT -- We're told Larissa is now out of ICE custody and leaving town as quickly as possible to her new home in Colorado. Her reps says agents were checking on her immigration status.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She also posted a video updating her fans on her situation, telling them the ICE crew was actually pretty nice and that she's now "good to go."

We still haven't heard back from ICE on why Larissa was picked up in the first place.

"90 Day Fiance" star Larissa Lima has been arrested by ICE ... TMZ has confirmed.

Larissa was taken into custody Saturday at her and her boyfriend, Eric Nichols' Las Vegas home, apparently as they were getting ready to hop in the car and take their U-Haul on a road trip to Colorado Springs ... where they bought a home after selling their Vegas pad.

Her rep, Lindsay Feldman, tells us ... "Larissa's legal team is working meticulously on her release and clearing up this misunderstanding."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The couple has been documenting their real estate journey well on social media, and seemed poised to be making the big move this weekend. That came to an abrupt halt, however, as ICE agents showed up to their doorstep and hauled Larissa off.

It's unclear exactly why she was taken in -- her good friend, Carmen Nys, sent an update on her IG story saying she and Eric just saw Larissa being taken away. Carmen says the two of them are on their way to an ICE detention center now to figure out what's going on.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It should be noted ... Larissa's had trouble with the law over the past few years here in the U.S. -- she's reportedly been arrested several times over ... and was trying to avoid deportation as a result, something that was covered on the show and explored further on another series she was featured in afterward called 'Happily Ever After.'

We're trying to get in touch with ICE to find out more details.

As we reported ... Larissa made a splash with CamSoda after a very successful one-hour lingerie show she put on, with a brand spanking new bod emulated after Kylie Jenner, no less. The site cleaned up, and presumably ... so did she. Hence, getting outta Dodge.

Clearly, law enforcement had other plans.

Originally Published -- 12:53 PM PT

Ricin Package with Poison Sent to WH Addressed to Pres. Trump

Breaking News

Somebody tried sending ricin to the White House, with the intent of having it received by President Trump ... this according to several reports.

The NYT, CNN and WSJ reported Saturday that, recently, federal authorities intercepted a package addressed to the White House with Trump as the target. Two different tests were reportedly done to confirm it was ricin ... a poisonous substance that can be lethal.

The package -- which is said to have arrived in an envelope of some sort -- was reportedly caught early at an off-site mail facility ... some outlets are saying it was sent from a Canadian address. No arrests have been made -- the FBI and the Secret Service are investigating.

This isn't the first time someone has tried sending the natural poison to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. -- in fact, a Navy vet admitted to doing it in 2018, only that time,  castor beans (from which ricin is derived) were shipped and he ended up getting caught and arrested for it.

Someone also tried sending ricin-laced letters to Barack Obama when he was in office, and got sentenced to 25 years in prison for it back in 2014. Ricin can kill someone by inhaling it, injecting or ingesting it. It was recently made famous and well-known in "Breaking Bad."

Story developing ...

Michigan Voting Election Official Calls Cops Rats Out Toilet Mail-In 'Ballot Box'

What one Michigander thought was a joke could possibly land them in legal trouble after they put a toilet in their front yard and instructed folks to leave their mail-in ballots inside.

This is wild ... a Democratic election official named Barb Byrum -- a clerk for Ingham County -- filed a police report ratting out a resident in the city of Mason who recently pulled this cringe-worthy stunt, which obviously isn't meant to be taken literally or seriously.

Doesn't matter though, because Byrum contends that what this person did -- telling folks (whether in jest or not) to drop off their ballots in her toilet via signage -- is actually illegal, and amounts to election tampering. Byrum says it's against the law to take illegal possession of an absentee ballot, and feels like this display could mislead people about the process.

So, in other words ... she's worried some doofus might actually come by and drop their ballots in the toilet, thinking this is a legit way of it being counted. Sounds crazy, but hey ... Barb here is just looking out for the newbies who might be voting for the first time.

If this sounds extreme and over the top ... let it be a sign of where we are in this country, with President Trump sewing doubt over the election process, especially as it pertains to mail-in voting. It would seem some people are trying to make a tongue-in-cheek gag out of it, but clearly the folks running the election process there on the ground don't find it funny.

We've reached out to Mason PD to see if they followed up on this and actually made the resident scrap their lawn ornaments. So far, no word back.

Kumeyaay Native Americans Refuse to Fight Back ... As Woman Attacks Them

Kill 'Em with Kindness

A group of Southern California Native Americans opted not to strike back as they were being pummeled by a woman who didn't like their protest against Trump's border wall.

This was posted by a group called Defend Kumeyaay Land -- natives who originated in San Diego County -- and while members of their tribe were out by the border Friday protesting the ongoing construction of more barriers, they were confronted by a very handsy, violent lady.

The woman comes off as the aggressor, charging the group and telling them to scram -- while also hurling xenophobic remarks and telling the group this is her land, not theirs.

They tell her she's being recorded, and that angers her even more ... at which point she starts swinging on them, pushing them and locking arms with them as they try fending off her blows and peacefully restraining her. What they say they won't do ... hit back, not at all.

You have to watch this for yourself, because it is incredibly powerful -- the Kumeyaay natives repeat over and over that they're non-violent and that they will NOT reciprocate her attack.

Eventually, the woman seems to get worn down and almost bitter at the fact they're not matching her energy ... so they one-up her with kindness once more, forming a prayer circle around her and carrying on in a chant. The woman seems dumbfounded, and then mocks them.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

BTW, this is far from the only peaceful face-off they've had with folks down there of late -- the Kumeyaayans have been actively discouraging the further construction of the border wall on what they deem their native land, saying they've chased off some construction workers with song and dance ... or at the very least, pausing it. It's a pretty incredible demonstration.

If you're into it ... feel free to check out more about their cause here. We're sure they'd appreciate the support.

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