Guess Who This Pumpkin Pip-Squeak Turned Into!

Before this gourd-eous girl was stirring up spells in a popular television show, she was just another pumpkin pip-squeak getting ready for Halloween in Geneva, Switzerland.

This festive female is best known for her supporting role as on-screen best friend to the lead -- played by actress Nina Dobrev -- in a dark, supernatural series that was based off a best-selling book filled with vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts!

Now, you can hear her reimagining the classic character of April O'Neil on "Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," an animated Nickelodeon television series and movie!

Can you guess who she is?

Cardi B My Bday Gift to Offset Will Be Better Than House ... More Personal Touch!!!


Cardi B has at least one bright idea about what she can give Offset for his 30th birthday -- and she's confident it will top his present to her ... assuming he's into good lovin'.

We ran into the rapper at LAX, where she was incognito and COVID-safe ... she still stood out like a sore thumb, though, on account of her unique nails. Anyway, we got to talking birthdays, because her husbands is coming up in a couple months -- and he just hooked her up with a new house in the Dominican Republic for her born day.


The natural question: Whatcha gonna get him in December that beats that???

Cardi's a little stumped on the question, but after some quick brainstorming -- she comes up with a possibility that literally made us laugh out loud. We'll say this ... Offset will NOT be disappointed. No Dad sweaters for him.

BTW, our camera guy noted something important ... Cardi might not have to get Offset a house or anything material at all, because she DID just deliver their son, who hit the big 5-0 himself on Sunday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

50 days, that is -- and still no pics of the little guy on Cardi's socials or anything -- ditto for his name. We ask Cardi about that too, and she admits we almost got her to spill the beans!!!

Don't worry, Cardi ... we'll keep trying.

Tammy Rivera Rips CVS Clerk for Racial Profiling ... But Says, Don't Fire Her!!!

@charliesangelll / Instagram

Waka Flocka's wife, Tammy Rivera, is fuming over a CVS employee who she believes racially profiled and harassed her -- but she's also making an appeal to save the woman's job.

ICYMI, Tammy went off Sunday with a couple of video posts ... one of them from inside the CVS in DeKalb County, GA as the alleged profiling was going down. Tammy said she frequents this CVS and knows all the employees, but the woman she encountered this time was new.

Tammy claims the staffer eyeballed her constantly, up and down every aisle, and yelled at Tammy for opening a hair accessory she intended to buy. The whole scene escalated when the clerk tried to kick TR out of the store, and police were called.

She eventually left the store to avoid trespassing charges, but Monday morning Tammy called her CVS to file a complaint, and she got a quick response from the general manager ... who called back to apologize.

A rep for CVS tells TMZ ... it has a "firm non-discrimination policy" and it's committed to ensuring that all customers are "treated with respect and are offered courteous customer service." The rep added they've launched an investigation.

Tammy tells us she's told CVS she doesn't want the woman to get fired, but instead, would like to see her get more education and training. As Tammy put it ... if it happened to me, it's probably happened to other Black or Latina customers.

CVS says it can't comment on the employment status of individual employees ... so it's unclear what, if any, action has been taken.

NFL Official Carl Madsen Dies After Working Titans-Chiefs Game ... 71 Years Old

3:24 PM PT -- A spokesperson for the Nashville Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports ... initial indications are Madsen suffered "a medical emergency" while driving on I-65 North.

The spokesperson said officers received calls about a motorist blocking a lane on the interstate and when they arrived on scene, they found Madsen unconscious in the driver's seat of the car.

Police say they broke into the vehicle via the passenger side window and removed Madsen and immediately started chest compressions.

Sadly, after transporting Madsen to a nearby hospital, he died.

A cause of death is still unknown at this time.

Sad news in the NFL ... replay official Carl Madsen died on Sunday shortly after working the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tennessee Titans game in Tennessee.

He was 71 years old.

The NFL announced the tragic passing on Monday -- with league reporter Tom Pelissero saying Madsen died "while en route home" from the Week 7 matchup at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

No other information surrounding his death has been given.

Madsen -- a veteran of the U.S. Air Force -- was an on-field official for the NFL from 1997 to 2008 ... before he became a replay official for the league in '09.

"Carl Madsen was an NFL officiating fixture for more than two decades, first as a highly respected on-field official before transitioning to a replay role beginning in 2009," NFL senior VP of officiating training and development Walt Anderson said.

"A terrific friend and colleague, Carl's love of football and dedication to officiating was ever-present, as he generously shared his time to mentor young officials at clinics across the country. A veteran of the Air Force, Carl had a tremendous spirit and will be greatly missed."


Originally Published -- 2:47 PM PT

Floyd Mayweather Rejects Teen Boy's Pic Request ... Over Painted Nails


4:21 PM PT -- A rep for Mayweather tells us he didn't take the photo because he was in a rush to leave the game. As for the teenage fan's claim that Floyd is homophobic ... the undefeated boxer says that couldn't be further from the truth.

Floyd Mayweather REJECTED a male teenage fan's request for a selfie at the Clippers game over the weekend ... and it's all 'cause his nails were painted.

TMZ Sports has learned a young fan was hoping to get a snap with Floyd after the Clippers vs. Grizzlies game at Staples Center on Saturday ... so he hopped on the court to approach him, but was shut down immediately after Mayweather got a glimpse of his nails.

"You got painted nails, I don't take pictures with guys with no painted nails," Floyd is heard saying in the video as his bodyguard gets the fan to back up.

The fan was clearly upset by the interaction ... saying, "Floyd doesn't want to take a picture with me because my nails are painted. Bruh, really?!"

The fan sent us a pic of his nails ... showing the black paint job that had Floyd pissed off.

Witnesses tell us Floyd had zero issues taking pics with other people after the game ... posing and smiling on the court with another fan.

It seems Floyd is way behind on the times -- TONS of guys regardless of sexuality paint their nails ... just ask MGK, Lil Yachty, A$AP Rocky, Post Malone, Yungblud, Brad Pitt and Harry Styles.

It's not the first time Floyd fans have asked for pics and gotten shut down -- thankfully it didn't turn physical this time. As we previously reported, one of Floyd's guards allegedly beat the crap out of a fan at a Las Vegas mall in November 2019 after a request gone wrong.

Originally Published -- 9:34 AM PT

Alec Baldwin 'Rust' Crew Clearly Cut Corners ... And It Cost Someone's Life


The crew on the Alec Baldwin movie "Rust" appears to have taken shortcuts on safety -- ones a top film weapons expert says could've and should've been avoided.

We talked to Steve Wolf -- who's been working in SFX and props in films for several decades -- and he laid out exactly what he thinks went wrong on the New Mexico set where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was accidentally shot and killed.

Check out our convo with him on "TMZ Live" ... Steve says the lead armorer, Hannah Reed, was not experienced enough to handle the job, in his opinion.


He explains with that type of role on a set -- one of the most important ones, especially if weapons are at play -- it requires a certain authority and expertise he believes Reed might not have had.


He also says low-budget flicks -- which "Rust" appears to be -- often do a lot of corner-cutting ... like not waiting on actual prop guns, or opting for live ammo or not taking the extra steps to thoroughly check weapons before they're used.

Finally, he addresses the burning question on everyone's minds -- who's actually responsible, and should Baldwin himself shoulder any blame? In Wolf's eyes, he does ... to a certain extent, anyway.

Watch ... he acknowledges Alec was just an actor in the fateful scene -- but adds, if a real gun is in your hands, it's on you to know how to use it properly and safely.

Young Thug I Had to Go Crazy for 21 Savage's Bday ... $150k Custom Truck!!!

Young Thug is about that big spender lifestyle -- especially when it comes to his pal 21 Savage ... who just hit 29, and YT went all out for his very pricey gift ... some very expensive wheels.

21's birthday was on Friday, and he celebrated with a major Freaknik-themed bash in the ATL. You might've seen the awesome fire red pickup truck Thug gifted to his homey -- but what you didn't know, until now, is the whip cost $150k!!!

The price gets up there quick when it's a completely customized ride.

Roadshow International

Roadshow International -- a luxury car dealership in Atlanta -- tells TMZ ... the truck itself is a Dodge Hellcat TRX, new models of which can range anywhere from $60k to $72k right off the lot. But, watch this video showing all the truck's features and you'll see why Thug paid way more than that.

The truck is plastered with dagger logos ... which lines up with Sav's signature face tat, which is an ode to his younger brother who was slain years ago. It also has a "21" emblazoned across the door.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Not just that, but the interior bears 21 Savage's face too ... a rendering of himself is stitched right into the upholstery of some of the seats -- so there's no question whose ride this is.

Herm, who owns Roadshow Int'l, says he had 3 days to work on the truck, and sure enough ... he got it done in time for the big birthday party. Talk about a good friend, huh?

Delonte West Went On Anti-Gay Rant, Said He's Better Than LeBron ... In Disturbing Arrest Video


Delonte West repeatedly hurled homophobic slurs and said he was a better basketball player than LeBron James during his arrest last week ... and the disturbing scene was all captured on police video obtained by TMZ Sports.

West was stopped by cops in Boynton Beach, FL, on Oct. 19 ... after officers say he was yelling and banging on a local police station's doors.

Cops say he was holding two open containers of alcohol -- one beer, one vodka -- during the episode ... so they ordered him to the ground.

That's when officers turned on their body cameras -- and you can see in the footage, they needed to point a taser at the former NBA player while insisting he gets down to get him to comply.

When West finally dropped to the floor, officers told him they were detaining him for "open container and resisting" ... and the 38-year-old then went on a lengthy, rambling rant that included anti-gay rhetoric.

West repeatedly used the f-word, called cops bitches, and claimed he was Jesus Christ and the President of the United States.

In his rant, West also said, "N****, I was better than LeBron James. I'm better than Jordan. I was the best n**** to play every sport. Shut the f*** up!"

West continued to spout words off incoherently before cops finally put him into the back of a squad car.

In the police report, officers noted West reeked of booze and appeared to be drunk.

West was ultimately hit with three charges over the incident, including obstruction/resisting without violence, open container and disorderly intoxication.

He's due in court for a hearing on the case next month.

West has battled substance abuse issues in the past, and entered into a rehab facility in 2020 with the help of Maverick's owner Mark Cuban to try to address the problems.

Dave Chappelle Down for Transgender Discussion ... Lists Terms in New Stand-Up

Dave Chappelle has finally spoken for himself on his ongoing Netflix controversy -- saying he is, indeed, down to meet with members of the transgender community and hear 'em out ... but he has a few conditions.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The comedian was in Nashville over the weekend for a new show ... where a ton of his comic buddies opened for him, including Jeff Ross, Donnell Rawlings, Tom Segura and Joe Rogan. Eventually, Dave himself came out and addressed the elephant in the room.

According to eyewitnesses, he started his set with a "statement" to those he'd offended with "The Closer," jokingly pulling out a piece of paper and reading ... "F*** y'all, n****s!"

The jokes kept flying from there, with DC saying he was in so much trouble that he couldn't even get DaBaby on the phone. He asked the audience, what do you call a Black trans person in the U.S.?

The response ... "A n***a!" Dave also joked his wife feared for his safety, and had bought him a handgun which had a pearl handle -- and he was worried that if he used it, someone's last words to him would be, "f****t!" So, he's hardly backing off any LGBTQ content.

On a more serious note, Dave said there'd been a lot of interest in his untitled documentary from film festivals -- which he recently screened at the Hollywood Bowl -- just as the swirling controversy over his new Netflix special, "The Closer" began. But now, he says he's being dropped from those same festivals. Dave shouted out Netflix for standing firm, and not taking down the special.


Dave went on to note that if he's canceled, there's a ton of people who clearly believe otherwise ... pointing out the sold-out show at Bridgestone Arena. Then, he laid out his terms for meeting with Netflix employees from the LGBTQ community who've been protesting.

One, he says whoever talks to him has to watch the special from start to finish; two, it has to be a time and place of his choosing; and three, they must admit Hannah Gadsby isn't funny.

That last condition is a clap back at the Australian comedian who jabbed at Dave's comedy a couple weeks ago, and ripped into Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos.

DC also says even though film festivals are abandoning him ... he's going to air his documentary film in 10 cities across America.

He ended the show by loudly asking, "Am I canceled, or not?" Listen to the applause he got ... and it seems like he has a very clear answer.

Van Jones Barclays Protest Was 'Disturbing' ... We Can't Normalize This!!!


Van Jones is very disturbed by what he saw play out at the Barclays Center -- protestors storming the building a la the Jan. 6 insurrection -- and he says there's a danger in these scenes becoming commonplace.

The podcast host and esteemed news commentator joined "TMZ Live" Monday and told us what it was like to be there in person when demonstrators clashed with security and bowled over barricades outside the NBA arena.


The protest, which some are comparing to the Capitol riot, was against the NYC vaccine mandate, and in support of Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving ... who is sidelined because he's not vaccinated.

Much like the U.S. Capitol, Van says the arena had to go on lockdown ... and he says it's another sign the country needs to get to a better place.

Van thinks society is looking for the next big division, and with Donald Trump out of the White House, the big catalyst is now the COVID-19 vaccine.

He's got a few ideas about what's behind the massive divisions we're seeing across the country ... but he says we're heading towards an uncivilized society if mob attacks on buildings become normalized.

Van tells us how his new "Uncommon Ground" podcast -- launching Wednesday -- is trying to be part of the solution, bringing folks together to share differing viewpoints on major issues.

'Rust' Shooting Fatal Shot Struck Cinematographer in Chest ... Expert Says 3 Errors Caused Tragedy

Alec Baldwin was practicing a "cross draw" -- pointing his gun at the camera -- when a live round struck the director in the shoulder and the cinematographer fatally in the chest ... this according to new court documents.

Director Joel Souza told Sheriff's investigators he heard someone -- we're told the assistant director -- say "cold gun" while they got ready for the scene ... meaning the gun did not have live rounds in the chambers. Significantly, it appears the gun had been inspected before the lunch break but Souza could not remember if it had been checked when the crew returned.

A cameraman named Reid Russel told authorities, "Alec was trying to explain how he was going to draw out the firearm and where his arm would be when the firearm was pulled from the holster."

Souza explained Baldwin pointed the gun directly at the camera and fired, striking him in the shoulder and Halyna Hutchins in the chest. Souza says he had a vague memory that Hutchins was complaining about her stomach and grabbing her midsection. He says she then began to stumble backward and was assisted to the ground. He says he was bleeding from his shoulder and could see blood on Halyna.

Russel said after the shooting, Halyna said she could not feel her legs. Once on the ground, medics frantically began treating her as she was bleeding on the ground. She was airlifted to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.


Steve Wolf, a special effects coordinator and theatrical firearms safety expert, told CNN there were 3 errors committed that resulted in the tragedy -- using a real gun rather than a prop gun, having a live round in the gun and having people stand behind the camera in the "line of fire." He also said the assistant director should not have been the one to clear the gun before the incident  ... that should have been the armorist's job.

Souza told authorities ... there should never have been live rounds near or around the scene that's being rehearsed or shot.

Authorities have obtained a search warrant to seize all camera footage and any other computer data that may have recorded the fatal incident.

We talked about the incident on the most recent episode of our podcast.

Stu Billett 'People's Court' Creator Dead at 85

Stu Billett -- the mastermind who created "The People's Court" and birthed the whole genre of courtroom TV shows -- has died.

Stu died Friday in Los Angeles as a result of natural causes ... according to reps for 'People's Court.' He was surrounded by family when he passed.

Billett dreamed up 'TPC' back in 1981, and while it was a big TV ratings winner, it was much more than that ... as it became a pop culture phenomenon.

The show's OG judge, Joseph Wapner, became a catchphrase when Dustin Hoffman's character in "Rain Man" obsessed over 'People's Court' ... continually counting down, "15 minutes to Wapner."

The show also spawned countless satirical takes over the years on 'SNL' -- the most recent one featured Kim Kardashian playing her older sister in "The People's Kourt."

The OG 'People's Court' ran from 1981 to 1993 ... first with Wapner as the star. It was rebooted in 1997 with former NYC Mayor Ed Koch as the judge, then Judge Judy's husband, Jerry Sheindlin, took on the role and finally Judge Marilyn Milian took the bench ... and the show's still going strong.

Stu, who won 4 Daytime Emmy awards for his work as the show's executive producer, served in the military -- as a U.S. Marine -- before getting into TV as a producer's assistant on several shows.

He's being remembered by his 'TPC' family as "a kind and remarkable man who made a great impact on the lives of so many people, and he will be missed tremendously."

Stu is survived by his wife of more than 40 years and his children and grandkids.

He was 85.


Halyna Hutchins Candlelight Vigil for Slain DP ... Held in Burbank, CA

Halyna Hutchins was honored with yet another candlelight vigil in the wake of her tragic death -- only this time, it was held on the West Coast ... with members of the union of which she was in.

Dozens of people came out Sunday night with lit candles in hand, congregating at the I.A.T.S.E. Local 80 building in Burbank -- the main California headquarters, which advocates for scores of creatives who work in the film and TV industry ... presumably, Halyna too.

It was a somber gathering, where folks looked to be hanging out mostly in silence ... or speaking quietly to their neighbor. Most everyone was wearing face masks. There also appeared to be some people with signs, calling for the firing of I.A.T.S.E. Prez Matt Loeb.

The union has been in the news lately ... threatening to have its members go on strike if certain demands weren't met, including higher pay. A deal was recently struck to avoid any such shutdown -- but after Halyna's death, ya gotta wonder if safety was brought up in these negotiations. If not, it will almost certainly be addressed at the next juncture.

This is the second candlelight vigil for Halyna -- there was one held last week in Albuquerque, NM ... not far from where she was accidentally shot and killed by Alec Baldwin.


An investigation continues in New Mexico to figure out exactly how this happened -- but so far, it sounds like somebody left a live round in a gun Alec was using, who pointed it in Halyna's direction while practicing a for a cross-draw scene.

Chris Harrison I'm Engaged to Lauren Zima!!!

Chris Harrison is getting ready to be a married man -- he just proposed to Lauren Zima ... AND SHE SAID YES!!!

The former 'Bachelor' host announced Monday that he'd popped the question to his entertainment host girlfriend, and she happily accepted, flashing the giant rock and laying a smooch on her hubby-to-be.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chris took to IG and posted a photo of himself on bended knee and slipping the ring on Lauren's finger, writing ... "I love you @laurenzima The next chapter starts now!" Looks like this engagement moment went down at a winery in Napa Valley.

Lauren -- a host at ET -- reciprocated with her own post, saying ... "We tell each other this all the time, and we said it again in an unforgettably beautiful moment this weekend: I didn’t know love could be like this. You are the most incredible partner. Thank you for loving me, championing me and asking me to marry you. Here’s to the next amazing chapter, and all the rest."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chris and Lauren have been going strong for at least 2 years now -- they first went public at a pre-SAG Awards party in January 2019, posing on the red carpet together in front of cameras. We've seen them out hand-in-hand several times since then ... even as CH was going through his controversial 'Bachelor' exit. Through it all, Lauren was by his side.

This will be Chris' second marriage -- he was with Gwen Harrison for nearly 18 years, before they split up in 2018. He has two kids from that relationship. This will be Lauren's second marriage as well.

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

Erika Jayne She's Dating Again ... First Time Since Divorce

Erika Jayne is jumping back into the Los Angeles dating pool ... going out with other singles for the first time since she filed for divorce.

Sources tell TMZ … "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star started dating again a month ago, and she's already been on a handful of dates with different men.

It's a big step for Erika ... finally testing the dating waters after filing for divorce from estranged husband Tom Girardi back in November after 21 years of marriage.

Lot's has changed since Erika was last single back in the 1990s ... but she's not using dating apps. We're told she's being set up with suitors by her friends, and the dates have all been with local guys.

Our sources say Erika is seeing if there's a spark with a mix of men ... some of her dates work in show biz and some work in other fields.

In addition to going on dates, Erika's keeping busy in other ways amid her well-documented legal and financial issues ... she's also filming scenes for the new season of 'RHOBH' with the other housewives.

Bottom line ... Erika's ready to get back in the game again.

Tom Brady Meets W/ Young Fan Who Beat Cancer Amazing Postgame Moment

Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown on Sunday, but what he did after the game was the biggest highlight of the day ... by meeting a young fan who just beat brain cancer -- and giving him his game hat!!

The fan -- wearing a TB12 jersey -- was captured holding up a sign during the Bucs' rout of the Chicago Bears ... which read, "Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer."

Brady took notice and ran over to the fan as time was winding down in the 38-3 win ... and took the hat off his head and gave it to him!!

The fan was overcome with emotion as he shook Brady's hand ... breaking down in tears during the incredible moment.

Brady -- who ended up throwing 4 touchdowns for 211 yards on the day -- spoke about the interaction with reporters after the game ... saying, "That was really sweet, you know obviously tough kid, man."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"It puts a lot in perspective with what we're doing on the field. In the end, it doesn't mean much compared to what so many people go through."

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