Olivia Jade In Full Rebuilding Mode ... Amid College Scandal


Olivia Jade is putting her life back together one furniture purchase at a time -- at least that's what it looked like as she left IKEA with a mystery man.

Lori Loughlin's youngest daughter was walking out of the home furnishings store Friday in LA -- with a dude who wasn't her boyfriend, Jackson Guthy -- pushing a cart with just one boxed item in it. A Fjällbo coffee table? Or a Skarsta desk? Maybe even a Vittsjö shelf unit???

Who the hell knows? One thing that is clear -- she's gonna be building something, and seeing how we're told this was shot AFTER a trip to USC ... it's likely she's on the move.

Olivia didn't say much about the college cheating scandal, FWIW. The pap grilled her though, asking if she'd been in contact with her mom, and whether she was moving out.

As you know ... both of Olivia's parents have pled not guilty to the slew of charges brought against them since they were first indicted back in March for allegedly paying upwards of $500k in bribes to get their daughters into USC under false pretenses.

Felicity Huffman went a different route -- copping a plea, but still facing the possibility of jail time ... if prosecutors get their way.

As for Olivia here ... just a snippet in her wonderful everyday.

Kate Walsh Meltdown Mode at LAX Over Bag!!! TSA Couldn't Care Less


Kate Walsh damn near had a meltdown when she realized she left behind a bag on her flight ... though you couldn't tell by TSA's sloth-y reaction to her anxiousness.

We saw Kate shortly after she landed Thursday at LAX, but before our guy could ask a question, she went into sheer panic. The issue? She forgot one of her bags on her Delta flight, and desperately wanted to go back to get it.

Check out the vid ... she was clearly NOT having it with Delta, LAX and TSA staffers who wouldn't let her back into the gate area after exiting. We all know that's absolutely forbidden once you walk out.

Kate, however, eventually talks her way back in ... at least to the TSA checkpoint -- and you gotta see the agent's reaction as she continues her rant. Kinda hilarious.

Equally entertaining here is our photog's play-by-play. For what it's worth, there's a happy ending here.

John Legend Disappoints Paps ... Where's Chrissy Teigen?!


So THIS might be what John Legend meant when he sang, "We're just ordinary people" -- 'cause without Chrissy Teigen, some photogs kinda treated him like a normie.

Kinda ridic when ya think about it ... the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award winner was leaving Madeo Thursday night in Bev Hills, and the first question he got -- WHERE'S CHRISSY?!?!

Ya gotta watch the vid ... John's response is hilarious as a throng of paps are immediately deflated. It is true ... we're used to seeing the couple together -- almost always -- so forgive us, John for expecting to see your better half.

Luckily, he wasn't offended, and still shared his thoughts on Donald Trump and the release of the Mueller report.

We still don't know what Chrissy thinks about it, though!

P!nk Cleans Her Hollywood Star Anything for You, Jimmy Kimmel!!!


P!nk ain't afraid to get down and dirty ... not when it comes to cleaning her own Hollywood star, and especially when it's for Jimmy Kimmel's cameras.

The pop singer was going to town on her star Tuesday around 7:30 PM in the middle of Hollywood ... as cameras from paps and bystanders rolled. What ya didn't know is some of those cameras were rolling for Kimmel's show. P!nk was filming at Kimmel's studio yesterday, and it appears they took the skits to the streets.

Check out the vid ... you can see P!nk -- who got her star back in February -- down on her knees wiping away with some disinfecting wipes. She also had a roll of paper towels and a scrub.

Some might call it dirty business, but in Hollywood ... it's just show business, baby.

Justin Bieber Pap Sues for Truck Accident You Ran Me Over, Now Pay Up!!!

4/16 -- Wilson's attorney says they're only suing because settlement talks with Justin's insurance company broke down a couple of months ago when they got a "lowball" offer.

In a statement, the attorney says Wilson suffered a torn meniscus and knee cap damage in the accident and had to undergo arthroscopic surgery.

Justin Bieber's getting sued by the photographer he accidentally drove over as he was leaving a church event.

The accident was pretty brutal to see and hear -- back in 2017, Justin was leaving a worship service in Bev Hills when he pulled away in his 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup. The photog, William Wilson, was no match for the monster truck and went down in a heap.


Wilson is now suing Bieber, claiming the singer was negligent in the way he pulled out into the street. In docs, obtained by TMZ, Wilson says he suffered "permanent disability, emotional damages and general damages."

He doesn't specify his injuries, but at the time ... Wilson posted a video from his hospital bed.


You might recall, Justin immediately pulled over and tried to assist Wilson. He also stayed on the scene until police arrived to take a report. Police eventually decided not to pursue any criminal charges against Bieber ... and chalked it all up to an accident, partially caused by camera flashes blinding Justin.

Cops also said the photog shouldn't have been standing in the street.

Wilson's suing Justin for unspecified damages. We've reached out to Justin's camp ... but no word back yet.

Originally Published -- 4/15 3:33 PM PT

Ariana Grande I Won't Get Ripped Off By Photogs Anymore ... Hence My New Photo Policy

Ariana Grande is laying down the law on concert photographers for a perfectly good reason -- she's been taken advantage of by greedy photogs in the past ... and she's over it.

Sources connected to the "thank u, next" singer tell TMZ ... Ariana's new concert photo policy stems from years of being exploited by a number of photo agencies that would often shoot photos of her in concert ... and then turn around to use those to make a profit.

Here's how it would happen ... we're told Ariana would perform, photogs would take as many pics of her as they wanted ... and then, shortly after, merch she didn't approve of would hit the streets with those photos emblazoned on the items. AG never saw a dime from any of it.

A few examples include calendars, photo books, memorabilia and other items that never got the green light from Ari, or her team.

Our sources say after multiple incidents, she and her camp made the decision to tighten things up in the pit. Of course, the National Press Photographers Association doesn't like this new policy one bit -- which is pretty strict -- but we're told Ariana couldn't care less.

Aside from the new rules she has in place, Ariana and her team also have their own in-house photog, and are happy to distribute whatever photos these publications want ... so long as they're approved by her.

While we're told it was only a handful of bad apples who crossed the line with their photo privileges, it was more than enough for Ariana to switch things up.

That's what we call a thank u, flex.

Zachary Levi 'Shazam!' Star Says Scram ... To Pushy Autograph Hound


Zachary Levi felt a grown man seeking his autograph got a little too up close and personal ... so he told him to beat it.

The "Shazam!" star arrived at LAX Thursday night to a swarm of fans and graphers wanting him to sign their merch. Levi was happy to oblige ... except for the guy in sunglasses shoving a photo in his face.

Check out the clip -- the DC Comics superhero argues with the bearded man about his intentions ... then scolds him for pushing people around. The autograph hound disagrees on both accounts.

Zachary also appears to deny a fan a selfie before hopping in his getaway ride, but it's a lot more friendly.

Unclear how many of these fans said the magic word ... "please."

BTW ... "Shazam!" stars Levi as the adult superhero version of a 14-year-old foster kid who transforms into him when he shouts the film's title. It comes out April 5.

Kim Kardashian West Comin' In Hot Post-Khloe Drama ... Red Head, Flames and All

Kim Kardashian West has been a ball of fire this past week sticking up for her little sister, Khloe -- and she completed that transformation this weekend by turning into a smokin' hot flame.

Kim was leaving a photo shoot Saturday at Milk Studios in Hollywood, where she was dressed in a body-hugging, red leather outfit designed to look like some sort of fire ... complete with a matching 'do for good measure.

She looks great -- per usual -- but the timing of her new look is nothing short of perfect, considering how she's been torching people in defense of Khloe after learning about Tristan's latest bout of alleged infidelity ... including one Jordyn Woods.


To recap ... Kim posted (and then deleted) a video Thursday that seemed to shade Jordyn, in which she and Khloe's BFF, Malika Haqq, sang along to Nivea's "Don't Mess With My Man." She also batted off a troll who questioned why Khloe showed face in public right after the cheating scandal ... and she savagely shut down 'Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss when he claimed Khloe would be the next 'Bachelorette.'

Seeing how she's been lighting haters up in big sis mode these past few days, the flame suit makes a lot of sense. Handle with care, folks ... or risk getting burned.

Miranda Lambert Bands Together with New Hubby ... For Leather Weather in NYC

Miranda Lambert has left Tennesse and is now back in the Big Apple with a hunk of a husband hanging from her arm ... and some sweet new bling perched on her finger.

The country singer was spotted hand-in-hand with Brendan McLoughlin Saturday in SoHo, where they were both rockin' their wedding bands, and a little something extra for Miranda ... her engagement ring. They also had matching leather jackets to boot.

Good choice in attire ... NYC reached a high of 42 degrees Saturday afternoon, so the coats probably kept them warm in the chilly weather. A new boo helps in that department too.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported, Miranda announced her surprise nuptials this weekend to the NYPD officer, who seems to have come out of nowhere. Reports say the newlyweds got hitched in late January down in Nashville ... where she recently had a bit of a salad spat.


Like we first told you ... Miranda got into a heated argument at a Nashville steakhouse last weekend, which boiled over into her dumping a salad onto a woman's lap.

The incident ended with no arrests and no police report filed. Here's hoping the New York dining scene treats her a little better.

Jennifer Lawrence Rules of Engagement ... New Ring's a Must for Date Night

J.Law is about to inherit some I-Laws -- 'cause she's newly engaged ... and not afraid to show off the ring on a date night with her fiance.

Jen was spotted flashing her new rock Monday night in NYC while grabbing dinner at Raoul's French bistro with art gallerist and soon-to-be-hubby Cooke Maroney -- who popped the question after 8 months of dating. Her rep confirmed they're set to be hitched.

Based on how much this thing shines ... something tells us it's a beaut up close, and probably pretty damn big. And, clearly, she's happy to flaunt it.

This is Jennifer's first engagement after some very public relationships in the recent past. She dated 'X-Men' costar Nicholas Hoult for a few years, and was most recently linked to director Darren Aronofsky ... with whom she also worked in 2017's "Mother!"

She was reportedly introduced to Cooke this past summer through her pal, Laura Simpson, and has been going strong with him behind the scenes since then.

It's like they say ... third time's a charm.

Jennifer Lopez Mom Clocked By Unruly Fans ... As J Lo Signs Autographs


Jennifer Lopez's mother is one tough cookie, because she kept on truckin' after taking an elbow to the side of her head while her daughter was getting mobbed by fans.

It was a wild scene Wednesday outside Sirius Radio in New York, where J Lo and her mom were swarmed by fans upon arrival.

The video is crazy ... you see Jennifer trying to navigate her way through the crowd with her mother in tow, when someone reaches in and clocks Guadalupe Rodriguez with a nasty elbow to the dome.

J Lo looks super pissed and concerned as Guadalupe tries to shake it off, holding her right hand up to her head as they try like hell to escape the mob.

We're told Jennifer won't be hitting the streets again when they leave Sirius ... and we can't blame her.

Pauly D & Alesso Step Up to Help Celeb Photog Nearly Killed in Hit & Run

Pauly D and Swedish DJ Alesso are among the celebs banding together to help the celeb photographer battling to overcome brutal injuries suffered in a hit and run.

The "Jersey Shore" star donated $2k to help cover Corentin Villemeur's extensive medical bills after he got run over last week outside Avalon nightclub in Hollywood. As we first reported, YouTube star Lele Pons witnessed her friend enter a crosswalk and get hit by an Acura she says ran a red light.

El Precio De La Fama

Alesso dropped a whopping $14k into the GoFundMe account for Corentin, and took it a step further by putting the call out to his 5 million followers on social media. DJ Marshmello donated $5k directly. Soccer star Jozy Altidore, "The Fosters" star Maia Mitchell, Bad Bunny's team and creator of Halo Top Ice Cream Justin Woolverton each donated $2k.

Corentin was left with 10 broken ribs, bleeding on the brain, bruised lungs, a ruptured spleen, broken shoulder and a broken leg. He remains in the ICU, and police haven't arrested the suspect yet.

Justin Bieber Take a Hike Paparazzi ... And Then Drop Some Bars!!!


Justin Bieber and his friends went on a Jesus-laced hike Friday, and ended up in a rap battle of sorts with a photog.

It's pretty awesome ... JB and crew were in the bushes in the Lake Hollywood area of L.A., rapping about Jesus and The King. As they praised the Lord and walked down the hill, they challenged a photog to drop some bars.

Justin eyeballs the photog and labels him part of the Biggie/Tupac era, and then listens as the guy raps his owns verses.

He's pretty good, and Justin is pretty clearly duly impressed.

Hilary Duff Confronts Man Following Her All Day ... Stop Hunting Me Down!!!

Hilary Duff had to repeatedly ask a man to stop stalking her all day trying to snap photos ... and the whole situation is very creepy.

Hilary just posted a video of herself asking the guy, who's sitting in his car, to stop following her around because it's making her "uncomfortable." The man replies saying he hasn't taken any photos -- which is actually creepier -- before driving away in a huff.


Duff claims the guy was at her son's soccer game Saturday morning, then followed her to her sister's house and basically parked in her driveway to take pics. She says he continued to follow her while she ran errands, and even after she recorded this video she says "he continues to follow and stalk me."

Hilary points out she's 9 months pregnant and battling the flu ... and this is not okay. She adds ... "When people say that’s what you get for signing up to be a celebrity it honestly makes me sick."

She says if she wasn't a celebrity, the law would be involved. Based on the video, she might want to contact authorities anyway.

Kourtney Kardashian's Ex Sisters Think He Set Up Pap Shot ... Grasping Onto 15 Minutes

Younes Bendjima double-crossed Kourtney Kardashian by tipping off the paparazzi that she was having a secret meeting with him in a Malibu parking lot ... sources close tell TMZ.

We're told Kim and Khloe have solid reasons to believe the secret rendezvous photo -- obtained by TMZ -- was staged by Younes to squeeze out the last drops of his 15 minutes.

We broke the story ... Kourtney was in the passenger seat of her Range Rover outside of a Malibu sushi joint Monday night, sparking rumors they were back together. Sources close to the exes quickly let us know that wasn't the case -- their chat was all about closure.

We're told Younes made the call to drive to that sushi spot -- a place the 2 had never been -- to park and have a talk. So, it seems awfully suspicious to the sisters that a photog was on scene.

Our sources say the Kardashians believe Younes frequently tipped off paps while he dated Kourt ... because they would show up at random places where the 2 were hanging out, and there's no way they would have known in advance.

We're told the sisters think Younes knew his relationship with Kourtney was over ... and this was his Hail Mary for the last bit of publicity.

Our sources also say ... the girls are more than happy Kourtney has moved on.

Kim Kardashian West It's Not Easy Being Me ... Especially at Red Lights


Kim Kardashian West made it clear Friday ... driving is a pain in the ass for her, especially when her whip comes to a stop.

Kim was out and about in Miami with pals Larsa Pippen and Jonathan Cheban when she stopped at a red light and crowds started to swarm around her.

She explains how her security has to jump out and hold people at bay, so the vehicle can move when the light turns green.

BTW ... who knew Mercedes G-Wagons came in lime green?

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