Hero Dad Fired From 2 Jobs After Shielding His Kids in Shooting


The hero father who took a bullet to protect his 3 kids during a frightening shooting at a car dealership is on the mend ... but he's now out of 2 jobs and his kids are still in shock.

Anthony Jefferson's wife, Danica Jefferson, tells TMZ ... Anthony is currently unable to walk after taking a bullet to the right thigh earlier this week when a gunman started shooting inside a Bronx car dealership.

Danica tells us that due to his inability to walk right now ... Anthony was fired from his 2 jobs as head painter at a maintenance company and as a construction worker in NYC. She was not comfortable naming the companies.

Anthony's been discharged from the hospital, but still has the bullet lodged in his leg, and Danica says he'll need another surgery in the near future. And, then there's the trauma on their children.

As you know ... Anthony shielded his 6, 5 and 2-year-old when the gunfire erupted. Mom says they're reluctant to go outside, crying in their sleep and the youngest asks, "Why did the man shoot my daddy?"

They're hoping to get the kids in to see a therapist as soon as possible.

A friend of Danica and Anthony's set up a GoFundMe page and says the money will go toward Anthony's mounting medical bills and therapy for the little ones. For now, Danica's just extremely thankful for her husband's bravery in protecting their kids at all costs.

Joel Embiid & Anne de Paula Welcome Baby Boy ... Surprise!!

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NBA superstar Joel Embiid and model girlfriend Anne de Paula just welcomed their first child together ... making the surprise announcement Thursday!!

The news comes as a shock to many who didn't even know the couple was expecting ... but the new parents decided to go public as their baby boy, Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid, made his big arrival this week.

The name is important to the Embiid family -- Joel's younger brother, Arthur, died at age 13 in 2014.

"We are so blessed and fortunate to welcome our little boy in this family," the Sixers center said on Instagram.

And, in true Embiid fashion ... daddy had jokes.

"First of 11 or more? Trying to convince her but I’m not winning so far. I’m just trying to build a soccer team but for real I’m so excited for the future and my life has a new meaning."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Kudos to @annedepaula_ for being so strong and giving me the Greatest Gift our life can offer #GodisGood"

Embiid and de Paula have been together since 2018 ... and this is their first child together.

Congrats!! ... and good luck on that soccer team, Joel!

Maskless Woman Tased, Busted at Football Game ... Cops Say Arrest is NOT About Mask


8:46 AM PT -- According to Logan PD, a cop was assigned to the game to ensure the safety of fans … including the enforcement of CDC and state rules and guidelines mandating fans wear masks while on school property.

But, when the cop approached the woman and told her she needed to wear her mask, cops say she told the cop she had asthma and continually refused to wear her mask.

The cop told the woman she would have to leave and wait outside the stadium but she refused … leading to being tased once and her arrest for criminal trespassing. The woman’s been identified as Alicia Kitts. She was charged with criminal trespassing and released at the scene. Additional charges are pending on Kitts and another female subject involved in the incident.

Cops want to make it crystal clear — she was NOT arrested for failing to wear a mask. She was asked to leave the premises for violating school policy … and once she refused to leave she was placed under arrest for criminal trespassing. They add Kitts resisting arrest led to the use of force. The incident remains under investigation.

A woman who refused to wear a mask at an 8th-grade football game refused to go quietly -- she fought off a cop, got tased and ultimately ... arrested.

The incident went down at a middle school in Logan, Ohio where fans in the stands, including one who was recording, were shocked as a police officer tried for minutes to arrest the anti-masker. You can hear the woman yelling, "This is bulls***" and "You're not arresting me for nothing. I ain't doing nothing wrong."

Check out the video ... when the woman -- who appeared to have a mask in her back pocket -- kept resisting, the cop tased her in the back ... and finally got handcuffs on her to haul her away.

Some of the other fans were pissed, and voiced their disapproval for the arrest "over not wearing a damn mask." The issue, legally speaking, is ... Ohio has a statewide mask mandate, and that's one of the rules that's allowed organized sports to resume there.

The school's athletic director told the Marietta Times the school hosted 300 fans for the game Wednesday and the only individuals having issues with compliance were the woman who got arrested and her mother.

Originally Published -- 8:10 AM PT

Christina Anstead Split From Ant Isn't Getting Nasty


There's nothing nasty going on between Christina and Ant Anstead since their split -- in fact, the "Flip or Flop" star's remained in the home they shared and they're still keeping in touch.

Sources with knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... Ant recently moved out of the Orange County estate he and Christina had lived in together since 2018, while she's still living there.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Christina announced her separation from Ant in an Instagram post Friday, and since then we're told the former couple has been in constant contact because they're co-parenting their 1-year-old son.

Our sources say the split wasn't caused by anything scandalous ... we're told nothing malicious happened between Christina and Ant, they had just grown apart since getting married nearly 2 years ago.

While our sources say the estranged couple's still trying to work on things, it's unclear if they'll get back together.

Christina's already back at work -- with her ex, Tarek El Moussa -- they recently shot "Flip or Flop" episodes, and we're told she's also shooting the 3rd season of her own show, "Christina on The Coast."

Kristin Cavallari Breaks Silence On Jay Cutler Divorce ... 'There Was No Scandal'

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Kristin Cavallari says there was absolutely NO scandal involving Jay Cutler that led to their divorce ... with the reality TV star insisting the marriage point-blank "just didn't work out."

The celeb couple announced their split back in April ... and it came as a shock to most -- considering the duo seemed publicly happy.

But, in an interview with People this week, Cavallari insists everything fell apart because the two grew apart ... adding "there was no real drama."

"I met Jay when I was 23," Cavallari said. "I was a kid. I was a baby. And Jay and I had so much love for each other, we really, really did. It just didn't work out."

"And that's -- that's it. There was no real drama. There was no scandal. There was no nothing."

In fact, 33-year-old Cavallari says she and the former NFL quarterback are still on great terms ... talking "almost every day" and still working to co-parent their three kids.

"There was nothing that happened that was like, 'Oh my God!'" Cavallari said. "We just couldn't make it work. And we tried really, really hard for years and years. We really did."

Cavallari says she's now focused on being a mom and running her jewelry biz ... adding COVID quarantine has allowed her to focus on herself.

37-year-old Cutler, meanwhile, has yet to break his silence on the divorce ... but he's been active on social media documenting his farming, cooking and hunting lifestyle.

Mountain Lion Scat Cat!!! Caught Stalking Kids


This mountain lion has a San Fran suburb on red alert, because it's been seen staring down kids at play! Yeah, things are getting hairy.

This big cat made its way into Timothy Kerrisk's yard in Pacifica, CA last weekend, and he recorded this video of it sitting by his front gate ... seemingly stalking kids who were riding their bikes just across the street.

Kerrisk tells KRON4 he thought it was a dog, like a German Shepherd, at first, but once he realized he was staring at a cougar ... he started shouting for the kids to get inside.

As you can see, the commotion made the big kitty decide to split ... so it jumped the fence and hid under a nearby truck for a bit. Kerrisk says the puma was still looking like it wanted to pounce though ... so he chased it away and over a hill.

Here's the scary part -- Kerrisk says the same mountain lion was going after his cat earlier in the day, then killed a deer behind his neighbor's house.

Cougar attacks on humans are very rare, but 2 people were killed by them in 2018. So ... yikes.

'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris FBI Seeking More Potential Victims Following Child Porn Arrest

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The FBI's not done building its case against Jerry Harris -- federal agents in Chicago are asking for any individuals under the age of 18 who may have been victimized by the disgraced "Cheer" star to come forward.

The feds have launched a "Seeking Victim Information" webpage related to the investigation of Harris, who was arrested last week and is facing a federal child pornography charge for allegedly enticing 2 underage teen boys to send him sexually explicit images of themselves.

The FBI says it's seeking the public’s help in identifying any additional minors who may have been contacted by Harris and asked to produce or view graphic images or engage in sexual contact.

Victims may have communicated with Harris via Snapchat or Instagram ... according to the feds.

As we reported ... the feds claim Harris admitted to many of the allegations against him, including soliciting and receiving child pornography on Snapchat from at least 10 to 15 other individuals he knew were minors.

The FBI's now focused on finding any other alleged victims.

Halloween Zipline Ghost ... Socially Distanced Treats!!!


Folks are coming up with super creative ways to have a safe and socially distanced Halloween ... like this zipline ghost that's giving out candy, and beers!!!

Ya gotta see this contraption and how it all works ... there's a homemade ghost on a hangar, attached to a zipline and powered by a little bit of gravity and some fishing equipment, and it ferries candy from the front porch to the sidewalk.

No doorbells, no knocks, and no close-quarters contact needed!

Matt Thompson at Thompson Woodworks in Garden City, MI is the man who made it all happen ... and we gotta say, his contraption is pretty ingenious.

It looks like a fun way to get those cute trick-or-treaters some candy, and special props to Matt for hooking up parents up with some light beers -- great use of the DIY Halloween tech!

Add in the rod and reel to bring the ghost back to base for a refill, and you get this reel-y good idea.

Oh, Baby!!! 6-Month-Old Gets His Feet Wet ... Goes Waterskiing in Utah!!!


Talk about being ahead of the curve ... this little guy is only halfway through his first year of life and already getting a taste of the water sports life, and handling it pretty freakin' well!

Meet Rich Humphreys, who's only 6 months old ... and apparently a waterskiing/wakeboarding prodigy. Check out this video that his parents posted of him holding his own on Lake Powell out in Utah. The kid's literally standing up and balancing himself as the boat pulls him.

His ma, Mindi, writes ... "Worlds youngest water skier!! #worldrecord 6 months 4 days old." Rich's pop, Casey, was just as stoked, saying ... " 6 months 4 days! Take one look at this kid and tell me he isn’t having the time of his life! Such a little stud! #worldrecord."

Indeed, he certainly looks like he's enjoying himself. What's unclear (and even crazier to think about) is if Rich can even walk yet!!! Obviously, the kid can get up on his own, but if he can water ski before he can even take his first steps ... he may be destined for this water life.

Speaking of which ... Mindi and Casey have made it quite clear that their boy is quite the outdoorsman. Rich has his own IG page, and he sure seems to dig roughin' it ... especially when H20 is involved.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Stay safe, little man. Can't wait to see ya in the Summer Olympics in the next couple decades.

Lil Baby Wants Primary Custody of Son ... Baby Mama Beef Gets Real!!!


Lil Baby's going to war with the baby mama of his 5-year-old son, and it's gone beyond social media squabbles ... they've now taken it to court.

Here's what's up -- the rapper has been going back and forth with Ayesha Howard for weeks after she accused him of failing to pay for their son Jason's schooling, which she says resulted in the boy being kicked out.

Ayesha then filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- seeking a declaration of paternity and child support from Lil Baby, claiming he has a net worth in excess of $4 million ... which includes money he makes on various endorsement deals. She says one of these deals involves the use of a photo of their son.

She also claims Lil Baby owns at least 7 luxury vehicles, including 2, million-dollar Lamborghinis. By contrast, Ayesha claims she makes less than $25k per year.

In response ... the rapper fired back with legal docs of his own, claiming he already covers "all expenses for the care, support and maintenance" of their son, along with providing regular support payments.

On top of that, Lil Baby wants the court to grant joint legal custody of Jason ... and he's seeking primary physical custody.

Ayesha claims Lil Baby has never sought primary custody before, and alleges it was done "in a retaliatory fashion and in an attempt to punish, harass, threaten and intimidate."

She says Jason has been under her primary care and custody since he was born and nothing has changed ... except for her seeking financial support.

NFL's Calvin Ridley Honors Baby Daughter ... With Diamond Chain!!

Exclusive Details

Atlanta Falcons star Calvin Ridley will be reppin' his new baby daughter everywhere he goes ... courtesy of a brand new diamond chain!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 25-year-old former Alabama receiver wanted to do something WAY better than a picture in the wallet to show off his daughter, so he hit up Al the Jeweler of Labelle Jewelry in NJ to come up with the special piece.

The final product is a massive charm featuring Cree Michelle's name and birthday -- 06-27-2020 -- sitting on an NFL logo.

We're told the piece is made of more than 70 carats of VS clarity diamonds between the pendant and chain it sits on ... in other words, high-quality stuff!!

Ridley isn't the only one getting treats ... check out the Louis Vuitton blanket his baby girl was laying on when he introduced her on IG!!

Ridley -- who is still on his rookie contract -- has made about $9 million in his 3 years in the league so far ... but expect that number to rise if he continues to ball out!!

Congrats on the baby!!

Justin Bieber Surprises Fans Dancing to 'Holy' ... Better Belieb It's Me!!!


Justin Bieber had the surprise of a lifetime for a bunch of beliebers dancing to his new hit song ... sneaking up on them before making the big reveal.

Justin made jaws drop Friday afternoon outside a fire station in West Hollywood, where this group of youngsters was working on a dance routine to "Holy," Justin's new collab with Chance The Rapper.

We're told Justin caught wind the local youth gospel group was gonna be rehearsing a performance based on his track ... so he headed over to the firehouse to surprise them and show support.

It's pretty cool ... you can see Justin emerge from inside the fire station as the boys and girls dance and sing with their backs to him, then he posts up on the side and watches for a while behind his face mask.

Justin finally revealed himself, taking off his mask and saying a few words ... and ya gotta see everyone's reaction.

The Biebs and the kids gathered around for a cool photo too. About as good a Friday as these young fans can get!

Christina and Ant Anstead We're Separated

Breaking News

Christina and Ant Anstead are done after less than two years of marriage ... she says they are separating.

The "Christina on the Coast" star announced the split Friday, saying she and Ant "made the difficult decision to separate."

She adds ... "We are grateful for each other and as always, our children will remain our priority."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Christina and Ant started dating way back in October 2017, and they tied the knot in a super-secret wedding at their home in Newport Beach in December 2018, going with a "winter wonderland" theme for the nuptials.

The former couple welcomed their first child a little over a year ago, a baby boy named Hudson London Anstead.

Ant, who hosts "Wheeler Dealers," is now Christina's second famous ex ... she was previously married to her "Flip or Flop" co-star, Tarek El Moussa, and they enjoyed tons of success together before an extremely public split in 2016 that ultimately led to a nasty 2018 divorce.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's unclear what led to the split, but Ant last posted about Christina on social media Aug. 2, explaining how he drives her crazy by wishing her a happy anniversary every single Sunday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Meanwhile, Christina had not posted a pic with Ant since July 28, when they went out to eat at Orange County hot spot Javier's.

'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris Coach Monica Devastated ... Over His Arrest

Jerry Harris' cheerleading coach, Monica Aldama, says her "heart is shattered into a million pieces" following Jerry's arrest for child pornography.

Monica -- the head coach of the Navarro College squad featured on the Netflix docuseries, "Cheer" -- has broken her silence on the arrest of her popular "mat talk" leader, saying ... "I am devastated by this shocking, unexpected news."

She adds ... "Our children must be protected from abuse and exploitation, and I'm praying hard for the victims and everyone affected."

As we reported ... Jerry was arrested Thursday morning in Illinois and has been hit with a charge of production of child pornography. According to the feds, he allegedly contacted 2 teenage boys online, and repeatedly asked them to send nude images of themselves.

Harris allegedly began contacting the boys in December 2018 when he was 19 and they were 13.

The feds claim Jerry has admitted to engaging in continuous social media conversations with the minors that were sexual in nature and attempting to entice them into performing sex acts with him in person ... including at cheerleading events.

As we reported, the FBI had launched an investigation into the matter -- and Jerry's 2 alleged victims have also sued him.

Monica says she and her family are mourning "during this heartbreaking time." She is currently a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" while continuing her role as head coach of the Navarro cheerleading team.

Toddler Parents Sue Trump He Turned Cutest Vid Ever ... Into a Racist Meme!!!


The parents of those 2 toddlers in the viral video showing them running toward each other and joyfully embracing are going after President Trump for twisting it to push his own divisive agenda.

Both sets of parents are suing Trump, his campaign and the person responsible for doctoring the heartwarming 2019 video to make it have a "Racist Baby" theme. Let us explain ...

The original clip shows the 2-year-olds -- one black, one white -- on a sidewalk in NYC after the first day of school ... hugging and clearly elated to see each other.

According to the legal docs -- and anyone with eyes -- the vid went viral "as the epitome of love and unity" and "enjoying the warmth and companionship" of a friend.

The parents say a week after the adorable video went viral, someone made a manipulated version which "created a negative and racist overtone."

The doctored version -- which is made to look like a CNN Breaking News clip -- takes a small portion of the original vid where the black toddler is running away from the white toddler, and according to the suit, "maliciously" added the graphic ... 'Terrified Todler(sic) Runs From Racist Baby' and thereafter, 'Racist Baby Probably A Trump Voter.'"

Fast-forward to June 18, 2020 ... President Trump tweets a post featuring the doctored video. The parents claim he did this "to exploit the children's images for his own purposes and gain" ... and to push "his brand of sensationalism in complete disregard for the truth."

Though the doctored vid was removed for violating Twitter rules, the parents claim it racked up 20 million views in a short period of time and the ordeal has caused them great distress, fright, shock, anguish and humiliation.

The parents are suing Trump for using their video without permission and inflicting emotional distress and want significant damages.

'Big Brother' Star Janelle Pierzina Sells Necklace for $18k ... Donates It to Charity!!!


Janelle Pierzina didn't last long on this season of 'Big Brother,' but boy did she cash in -- selling a necklace she wore on the show for a small fortune, before putting that dough to good use.

The "Big Brother All-Stars" contestant wore a gold-plated "Janelle" necklace this season, and while she was the third houseguest voted out ... that necklace is now a sweet silver lining.

Janelle decided to sell it on eBay ... and it went for a whopping $18,300!!!

But, get this, Janelle -- who made the top 3 on "Big Brother 7 All-Stars" in 2006 -- decided to donate the entire proceeds to Give Kids The World Village ... an 84-acre village in Central Florida that offers weeklong vacations to children with critical illnesses and their families.

The trips come at zero cost to the families, thanks to donations like Janelle's.

The non-profit org has catered to 175,000 children and their families since 1986, and Janelle's been working with them for 5 years. CBS reality stars usually participate in the group's annual fundraiser -- raising between $150k and $170k -- but it was canceled this year because of the pandemic.

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