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Jessie James Decker A Little Bikini ... Needs A Lot Of Light

3/1/2017 11:18 AM PST

Jessie James Decker needs the best lighting possible to show off her awesome body in a bikini -- and while in Miami ... she got it.

Eric Decker's smokin' hot wife hit Miami beach Tuesday for a photo shoot, where 1 of the lighting guys had to use a white bounce board on her for top-notch illumination.


Deion Sanders' Wife: I Won't Return to 'Football Wives'

11/11/2010 9:00 AM PST
Deion Sanders' wife Pilar is already telling her close friends that she absolutely will not return for another season of "Football Wives" ... despite the fact that Season One isn't even halfway over.

Sources close to the reality star tell us ... Pilar is sick of being "made to look like the villain" on the show and does not want to subject herself to another round of drama.

But that's not all Pilar is telling friends ... we're told she's unhappy with her castmates ... even telling one person, "Would they still call it "Football Wives" if their husbands aren't playing or aren't affiliated with the NFL any longer?"

We're guessing this won't be Pilar's last fling with reality TV -- word on the street is that she and Deion are shopping around a new show ... but so far, it's unclear what it will be about.

'Football Wives': Drama After Castmember Hospitalized

11/7/2010 4:25 AM PST
One of the stars of "Football Wives" had to be rushed to the hospital during the taping of the show -- but TMZ has learned the real drama broke out after one of her castmates neglected to send flowers!

TMZ has confirmed ... Chanita Foster -- wife of former Denver Broncos player George Foster -- nearly collapsed during a scene in September after experiencing a headache so painful, she "couldn’t feel her legs and had trouble standing”

We're told doctors initially thought Chanita may have had a brain aneurysm -- but eventually diagnosed her with dehydration.

Sources tell us all of the "Wives" castmembers visited Chanita at the hospital and brought flowers ... except Pilar Sanders  -- Deion Sanders' wife -- and the snub, we're told, pissed off Chanita.

But a source close to Pilar tells us she had a good excuse for the no-show ... explaining, "Pilar reached out to Chanita but she never got a reply."

The source added, "Plus Deion had called and told her about a very romantic evening he had planned for them and asked if she'd come home. So she did."


Deion Sanders' Wife -- Don't Pee In My 13 Toilets!

11/1/2010 7:30 AM PDT
Deion Sanders' wife Pilar was the #1 problem during the taping of VH1's "Football Wives" -- as in, she refused to let anyone on the production team pee in any of the 13 toilets in her Texas mansion.

Sources connected with production tell us Pilar was incredibly protective of the crappers in her 109 acre, 10 bedroom, 13 bathroom estate in North Texas ... and directed the crew to her pool house.

We're told Pilar was the only "wife" who had bathroom issues -- the other castmates gave the crew an all-access potty pass when they shot scenes in their homes.

Pilar also had issues with her co-stars -- we're told since the show wrapped, she's stopped talking to the other women.  But sources close to Pilar say its "completely false."

Sounds like enough drama for a second season ...

'Football Wives' -- Girls Attacking Girls

10/26/2010 4:30 AM PDT
Controversy is raging behind the scenes of "Football Wives" -- all over a woman who hurled projectiles at another castmate on the show.

During Sunday night's premiere episode -- there was one official cast member missing from the show, Mercedes Nelson (left) ... reportedly the ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber.

Multiple sources involved with the production tell us hell broke loose while the girls were taping a scene recently ... after Nelson "flipped out" and threw a bunch of tabletop items at Chanita Foster (right).

We're told producers shut down production and "came to an agreement" that it would be best for Mercedes to leave the show because it just "wasn't for her."

Mercedes was suspiciously absent from Sunday night's premiere ... but VH1 is adamant that she wasn't asked to leave, explaining, "She only ended up being in a few episodes due to story lines."

As for the illegal forward pass -- VH1 admits, "she does throw something" ... but won't reveal details ... because they plan on using it in the show.

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