Ronaldinho Moved from Jail to House Arrest ... In Fake Passport Case

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Ronaldinho -- the soccer superstar accused of using a fake passport to enter Paraguay -- is finally out of jail ... but he ain't exactly home free.

The 40-year-old Brazilian was moved to house arrest Tuesday -- after spending the last month locked up in Paraguay for allegedly using a really bad fake passport.

As we previously reported, Dinho and his brother traveled to Paraguay back in March to promote a new book -- but officials say they entered the country illegally. Big problem.

And, why fake passports? The former FIFA World Cup All-Star reportedly had his Brazilian and Spanish passports confiscated in July 2019 over unpaid taxes.

Authorities raided the hotel where Ronaldinho and his bro were staying, seized the passports and threw 'em both in jail ... where they've been ever since, until Tuesday.

Bond was set at $1.6 MILLION ($800,000 each) -- which they can easily afford, considering the FORTUNES they made in contract and endorsement money over the years.

Don't feel too bad for Ronaldhino, he's been able to stay active in jail ... dominating in rec yard soccer games and reportedly winng a trophy pig for his performances!

Ronaldinho and his brother are expected to remain under the house arrest while an investigation into their alleged crimes carries on.

Besides playing for the Brazilian national team, Ronaldinho also played for Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and A.C. Milan during his epic career.

Post Malone Fires Back Over 'Circles'


12:26 PM PT -- Post Malone is now suing the guy who sued him ... claiming Armes is not a co-writer on "Circles" because the dude didn't contribute anything to the song.

In the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Posty says Armes was at the first recording session but didn't write any of the music or lyrics. Post also claims Armes was absent from subsequent recording sessions for the track.

Post Malone says the lawsuit against him is an age-old story in the industry ... in his suit, Post claims Armes came outta the woodwork, falsely claimed to take credit for the song and demanded unwarranted and unearned windfall profits from the song.

Bottom line for Post ... he wants a court to rule Armes is NOT a co-writer.

One of Post Malone's biggest hits, "Circles," was cowritten by a songwriter who gets zero credit, and even worse ... zero money ... according to the lawsuit he just filed.

Tyler Armes says he and Post hooked up to write a song in August 2018 -- at the encouragement of Post's manager. What they eventually created was a track that became the monster hit, "Circles" ... which went all the way to #1 last year.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Tyler claims he cowrote the chords and the bass line for the song ... and had input on other portions, such as the guitar melody. Clearly, his point is ... he did more than enough to earn a writing credit.

Instead, Tyler says "Circles" was released on August 30, 2019 ... without his name on it. According to the suit, he'd been negotiating with Post's camp earlier in the month -- he claims they offered him 5 percent of publishing royalties with no credit. Tyler says he pushed back for a bigger cut and a co-writing credit, but they told him to kick rocks.

In docs, he claims Post's manager had a written exchange with him about it, and that the manager even told him Post acknowledged Tyler's contribution.

That's nice and all, but as we think Tyler would say ... verbal acknowledgment doesn't pay bills. So, he's suing Post to get the co-writer credit and a fair cut of past and future royalties on "Circles."

He's also suing producer Frank Dukes, who does have a writing credit and, according to Tyler, was present for the 2018 jam session that birthed the track.

We've reached out to Post's camp ... no word back yet.

Originally Published -- 9:12 AM PT

Joe Exotic Wants New Judge for Civil Case ... Old One's Homophobic, Biased


4:25 PM PT -- Joe's request has been denied ... the ruling was made because the judge says his involvement in other cases is no reason for him to recuse himself and the comments he allegedly made in court aren't grounds for recusal either.

he says those comments were just about the crimes joe committed, so there's no reason to step away based on them

Joe Exotic wants a new judge to preside over his civil lawsuit, 'cause he says the robe has already shown he's a homophobe who has it out for your boy.

The 'Tiger King' star -- who's currently locked up -- filed a new motion this week asking Judge Scott Palk to recuse himself from a lawsuit Joe filed a few weeks ago against the feds.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Joe argues Judge Palk has already presided over other civil cases Joe's been involved in over the years -- and not just the ones depicted on Netflix between himself and nemesis Carole Baskin.

Joe claims Palk has a tainted view, and also hurls accusations at him ... saying Palk has proven he's a gung-ho animal rights activist and homophobic. JE pegged the judge's tone with him during proceedings as "hostile" and "agitated."

Specifically, Joe claims the judge told him ... "I will make sure you are never around another animal the rest of your life." Joe also alleges the judge said, "You were trying to broker a pair of lions to support your husband from jail."

Joe denies that, BTW, and adds even if it were true ... it'd be completely legal in Texas.

In any case, Joe seems to think Judge Palk -- who's currently set to weigh in on his newest lawsuit -- has a grudge against him, and he wants a fresh start with someone else.

Originally published -- 7:47 AM PT

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